Dental Implant In Kalyani Nagar Pune


Dental Implant is the procedure of replacing the missing tooth by fitting the artificial tooth in your jaw. Its a Popular solution for replacing missing tooth/teeth.

The artificial teeth can fit into your jaw bone then it is combined with the natural jaw bone. After the dental implant surgery, the implantologist will attach a crown on top of the implant to make sure to feel natural teeth. The new teeth feel like naturally. Dental Implant tooth is strong and the life of this is near about 30 years from the dental implant.

The Dental Implant done into 3 Basic steps

  1. Implant – This is the first and most important step in the dental implant procedure. In this treatment, the dentist can fit the screw shape filament into the jaw.
  2. Setup Teeth Base – This the second step that the dentist can fit the connector to the screw. This connector can hold dental crowns.
  3. Dental Crown – The last and upper part of the dental implant surgery. In this step, the dentist can fit the dental crown/cap into the screw. This is Visual part of the teeth and most of the very important part of the dental implant surgery.


The most important and general question is why someone has required Dental Implant in kalyani nagar. The implant surgery is done when you replace one or more missing teeth. If you have missing one for more teeth the following problem you can face

  • Missing teeth can be trouble in speech 
  • the problem regarding eating 
  • Improper teeth resulting from a tilt of adjoining enamel into the empty areas resulting from a missing tooth
  • The look not more appropriate
  • The Dental problem is faced due to missing teeth

The Dental implant treatment has overcome the following above issue and you can free from the dental issue. Dr. Amit thareja is the Best Implantologist at Dr. Thareja’s Dental care Kalyani Nagar Pune Providing the best dental treatment.


  • Dental Implants support restore the lost tooth and turn out to be the following great factor for your natural teeth
  • Implants are a long-lasting solution with the capability to even survive the patient
  • Dental Implants help hold the form and shape of face & smile that may cross wrong because of requiring teeth making the facial muscle mass sag
  • Implants don’t harm the adjoining teeth structure in any way and protect healthy bone
  • Implants make certain superior look and comfort with no speech difficulty to deal
  • Implants increase your shallowness for being an ideal technique to the lacking tooth
  • Implants supply the liberty to experience your preferred elements without any fear
Five Reasons Why Dental implants Are So Popular :

1. Natural look and comfortable fit.
2. Long-lasting and reliable.
3. High success rate.
4. Improved ability to eat and chew.
5. Improved facial and bone features.


Dental Implants lasts over 25 years and are a permanent solution to missing tooth.

Dental Implants are the most viable option present today. If all of your teeth are missing, then we can place Dental Implant-supported full mouth Denture.

One can experience some pain while getting Dental Implants placed. Local anesthesia is given to numb the area during the procedure, as a result, you might feel no pain in the entire process.