Laser Dentistry In Kalyani Nagar Pune


At Dr. Thareja’s Dental Care Kalyani Nagar Pune. We have at par modern technology like LASER Dentistry available. it makes the procedure bloodless,  painless, thus offering a more comfortable treatment option for a number of dental procedures involving hard or soft tissue compared to drills and other non LASER tools

Laser dentistry is the usage of lasers to treat a number of extraordinary dental situations. It has become commercially utilized in clinical dental practice for processes involving tooth tissue in 1989. Laser dentistry potentially gives a greater ease treatment alternative for some of the dental techniques regarding hard or gentle tissue in comparison to drills and different non-laser tools.

LASER stands for “light amplification with the aid of the inspired emission of radiation.” The instrument creates mild power in a completely slender and centered beam. This laser light produces a response whilst it hits tissue, allowing it to remove or shape the tissue.

Here are some of the most common treatments that are done with laser dentistry:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Treatment of gum diseases
  • Treatment of tooth decay
  • Treatment of hypersensitivity

What makes laser dentistry painless?
If just the thought of a scalpel going near your mouth gives you the shivers, then Laser Dentistry In Kalyani Nagar is the best solution to it. This high-energy light technology is vastly less invasive than traditional methods. It eliminates the use of drills and scalpels in many dental procedures, which also reduces the need for anesthesia. Even biopsies and cavity fillings are made painless with laser dentistry! All procedures are performed with pinpoint accuracy to protect the surrounding tissues, and there are no stitches to care for afterward.

What types of lasers are used?

Dental specialists use either hard tissue or soft tissue lasers, depending on the remedy. Some will use both types if the treatment permits. Hard tissue lasers can cut via the enamel structure. Their wavelengths are absorbed through the mixture of water and a selected mineral determined in the tooth. These lasers are most customarily used to prep or shape enamel for composite bonding, to restore dental fillings that have worn down, and to cast off a few tooth structure. Dr. Amit Thareja use the soft tissue laser but it totally depends upon patient condition

Benefits of using laser dentistry over other methods

  • There is doubtlessly a reduced want for sutures with soft tissue lasers.
  • Bleeding is minimized in treated smooth tissues, as the laser promotes blood clotting.
  • With a few procedures, anesthesia is not sensible.
  • The threat for bacterial infections is decreasing because the laser sterilizes the location.
  • Wounds can heal faster, and it’s possible for tissue to regenerate.
  • The methods may additionally contain much less damage to the encircling tissues.