Bleeding Gums And Its Causes and Treatment

Bleeding Gums And Its Causes and Treatment
Gum bleeding is common and maximum of the time, not very serious. Bleeding gums are inflamed or irritated pink tissue across the mouth which bleeds easily. After brushing or flossing, a person may observe blood, including blood at the toothbrush or in the sink which may aggravate sensitive gums. Plaque or tartar buildup is the most common purpose of bleeding gums. These substances promote the increase of bacteria along the gum line. However, it is essential to observe that sometimes, common bleeding gums can denote an underlying concern.

A few more reasons for frequent bleeding may also include:

Periodontitis (a complicated shape of gum disease)
Leukemia (blood cancer)
Lack of clotting cells (platelets)
Vitamin deficiency
Sign and symptoms of Bleeding Gums:

A pink or red-colored stain in your toothbrush after brushing
Seeing red or pink in chewing gums while you spit out
Blood is seen on teeth or lips
Blood traces may be visible while you spit out your saliva
Mouth Sores
Lump on gums
Loose teeth or tooth appear longer
Receding gums
Excessive pain while chewing or eating crunchy foods
Gum bleeding takes place only at night time
What are the Causes of Bleeding Gums?

Brushing teeth in a harsh or abrasive way
Using a toothbrush with hard bristles
Dentures or retainers which aren’t well-fitted
Bacterial infection withinside the teeth or gums
Use of Blood-thinning medicines
Gum bleeding is also triggered because of poor way of life choices including bad eating habits.
Consuming a variety of sugary foods like sweets, candies and not maintaining the right dental hygiene makes a way for bacteria increase and swollen gums
Cigarette smoking irritates the gums and reasons bleeding
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Treatment for Bleeding Gums – How to prevent bleeding gums?

The major cause for bleeding gums is insufficient oral health care which ends up in bleeding gums and if not taken care of, can cause major oral health concerns. There are methods as a way to help one to enhance oral health care and vanish bleeding gums.

Brushing regularly and Flossing Daily: First and foremost, one wishes to take care of the toothbrush bristles – they need to be soft. Brushing two times a day, at the least for two mins will help stimulate your gums, it’s going to strengthen the tissues and prevent bleeding gums. Flossing helps in getting rid of plaque and meals particles that are caught below the gum line that could otherwise lead to bleeding gums. Improving the flossing methods and changing toothbrushes each month will help to keep gums healthy.

Avoid Tobacco and Smoking: Tobacco and smoking are one of the main causes of gum problems so avoiding them to prevent bleeding gums may be very important. The use of tobacco makes it more difficult for the body to fight plaque-shaped bacteria.

Regular Dental Visits: Regular dental cleansing at a dental clinic is very essential. This is as it cleans the plaque formation and tartar which can’t be carried out at home. By cleansing at a dental clinic, your mouth has a tendency to be more healthy. Professional cleansing by a dentist at least two times a year prevents gum disease at an early age.

Maintaining a Balanced Lifestyle: Eating a nutritious and well-balanced diet is important. Eat ingredients that might be rich in vitamin C and K like oranges, carrots, spinach, etc. Reducing anxiety and pressure also can resource in the prevention of gum bleeding. Stress has a bad effect on the immune system, which weakens the body to such an extent that the body is not able to combat any gum infection that can cause bleeding gums.

Use of medications: Use antibiotics tablets or antiseptic mouthwash to maintain your oral hygiene. In case the gums have turned out to be a little inflamed but aren’t bleeding, antibacterial mouthwash, toothpaste or oral gel allow you to fight the onset of the infection and prevent bleeding gums. Consult your dental hygienist.

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