How to Take Care of Your Baby’s Teeth

How to Take Care of Your Baby’s Teeth – Dr. Thareja’s Dental Care

How adorable the toothless smile!! It is a valuable expression for any parent to see their little one smiling. Those tiny teeth can be temporary, but they’re no less important to take care of them.

Baby teeth hygiene isn’t always only important for their oral health but also for overall health and development. Primary teeth are hidden at the back of the jaws at birth and only start developing up and actually appear when the infant ages between 6 months to 1 year. Most of toddlers have their completely developed primary teeth by the age of 3. However, it is different for different kids, however, the first teeth to come is at the top and backside front of their mouth.

Your little honey will experience a few problems when their first teeth come. Here are a few signs and symptoms and pointers on how to attend to them through Dr. Amit Thareja, one of the top orthodontist in Pune .



. Babies sense uncomfortable at the time of teething. They behave fussier than regular due to pain and swelling in the gums. The signs and symptoms are shown 3 to 5 days earlier than teeth appear and vanish as quickly because the tooth breaks through the skin. Some lucky champs do not get affected by those signs and symptoms and happily pass through the state.

. They may try and bite their hands or toys to get relief from the stress and itchiness in their mouth. So, keep soft toys around them at the moment and do not place any sharp objects.

. Drooling is common for kids, however excessive is another symptom of baby teething.


Taking care:

Babies generally have sore or tender gums. Rubbing the gums with your finger or with a small, cool spoon or using a wet gauze pad may be soothing for them. Give them a smooth teething ring to chew on. After all, it is parents’ responsibility to soothe their baby’s teeth.

Clean your baby’s mouth after each feed. Wipe the gum with a gentle wet cloth or a baby wipe using your finger. Do not use any toothpaste yet, washing with water will do the work. Parents need to cut their nails to the deep in order that they don’t hurt their children in any way.


Teeth need to be taken good care of properly when they come. As said above, many parents are least bothered about baby teeth and think that they’re not important. But they must understand the truth that milky teeth preserve the space for permanent teeth and guide the kid to talk and chew. Improper care can cause gum infection called gingivitis.

Never leave your toddler with a bottle of milk for long periods of time. They cause cavities. Most mothers placed their babies to sleep with a bottle withinside the month, even if they’re not drinking however only for comfort. It causes discoloration, minor pitting, or even tooth decay for your baby’s mouth.


For normal baby’s oral health, schedule a dental exam. Pediatrics research says that the toddler must get her first dental appointment at the age of 1 or when the first tooth appears. If it is taken with the best possible care, in the beginning, good dental conduct may be set up in the long run. Such care is available at Thareja Dental Care by specialists in dental medical science. Talk to the dentists to know more about Oral Care Tips which may be beneficial now or later for your baby.

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